The apostle Paul, in speaking of what it meant to be a Christian used many analogies. He spoke of Christians as farmers working in a field, or of competitors running a race, and ambassadors – and as soldiers fighting in a war. Why – what was the purpose of these descriptions of what it means to be a Christian?

The sad reality is that there are Christians who think that a life in Christ is supposed to be easy, happy and light all the day long – and they are wrong. There are also Christians who think that the Christian life is all about the blessings that they are going to get – and they are wrong.

Being a Christian is a full-time, 100% commitment that WILL require total dedication and total involvement. Being a Christian is not like being in a club, or being a member of some fraternity or civic organization – and this is an ever so important element to understand.

The rewards of a life with Christ are amazing – both now and in the time to come. A life with Christ provides everything you need to be an overcomer – but the cost is everything you have, and everything that you ever thought you would be.